Here is a list of the blog posts Pacific Institute staff have authored on a variety of drought issues:


[12/19] – Managing Urban Flooding in the San Francisco Bay Area: From a Concrete Bowl to a Green Sponge by Cora Kammeyer

[11/19] – Putting the Water Action Hub into Action in the Apparel Sector by Peter Schulte

[10/19] – How to Set Meaningful Site Water Targets by Tien Shiao

[09/19] – Salton Sea +20 by Michael Cohen

[09/19] – Find Your Partners for Water Sustainability with the Water Action Hub 3.0 by Peter Schulte

[08/19] – Comparing Apples to Apples: Towards Better Communication Using a Common Language for Water by Karina de Souza

[07/19] – 4 Reasons Why Urban Landscapes are a Linchpin for Climate Resilience by Cora Kammeyer

[07/19] – Water Risk Management for the Private Sector by Peter Schulte

[06/19] –  Kilimanjaro – home to a great example of water stewardship in action by Hannah Baleta

[02/19] –  Climate Resilience in the Urban Context: Sustainable Landscapes for Southern California Businesses by Cora Kammeyer

[12/18] –  The Stormwater Opportunity by Morgan Shimabuku and Sarah Diringer

[11/18] –  Q&A with Sarah Diringer: A Multi-benefits Approach to Water Management

[12/16] –  National Geographic ScienceBlogs: From Scientists to Policymakers: Communicating on Climate, Scientific Integrity, and Moreby Peter Gleick

[10/16] –  National Geographic Presents: Water Scarcity by Peter Gleick

[06/16] –  National Geographic ScienceBlogs: Diablo Canyon, Climate Change, Drought, and Energy Policy by Peter Gleick

[04/16] –  National Geographic ScienceBlogs: Global Droughts: A Bad Year<by Peter Gleick

[02/16] –  National Geographic ScienceBlogs: Water, Security, and Conflict: Violence over Water in 2015 by Peter Gleick, Heather Cooley

[02/16] –  Huffington Post: The Most Important Water Stories of 2015< by Peter Gleick, Brett Walton, and J. Carl Ganter

[10/15] –  National Geographic ScienceBlogs: Breaking Water Taboos< by Peter Gleick

[09/15] –  National Geographic ScienceBlogs: Impacts of the California Drought, Part 2: Net Agricultural Income by Heather Cooley, Kristina Donnelly, and Peter Gleick

[08/15] –  National Geographic ScienceBlogs: Impacts of the California Drought:Agriculture

[08/15] –  New Data Show California Cities’ Progress towards State-Mandated Conservation Requirementsby Kristina Donnnelly

[07/15] –  National Geographic ScienceBlogs: The California Drought: Almonds and the Bigger Picture by Peter Gleick

[06/15] –  National Geographic ScienceBlogs: The Future of Desalination in California is Still in the Future: California, Israel, and Australia by Peter Gleick

[07/15] –  Huffington Post: Where Does California’s Agricultural Water Go?by Peter Gleick

[03/15] – New Data Show California Cities’ Response to Drought Is Highly Uneven by Matthew Heberger

[03/15] – The Impacts of California’s Drought on Hydroelectricity< Production by Peter Gleick

[03/15] – The State of the California Drought: Still Very Bad by Peter Gleick

[12/14] – The Growing Influence of Climate Change on the California Drought by Peter Gleick

[11/14] –  Huffington Post: The California Water Bond is a Beginning, Not an End: Here’s What’s Next by Peter Gleick, Kristina Donnnelly, and Heather Cooley

[10/14] –  Huffington Post: What Does Proposition 1 — the 2014 California Water Bond — Really Say? by Peter Gleick

[10/14] – Huffington Post: When Our Responses to Drought Make Things Worse by Peter Gleick

[08/14] –  What about Desalination during the Drought? by Amanda Pebler, Communications Intern

[07/14] –  Planning For Rain: Why Storm Water Management Matters during the Drought by Paula Luu

[07/14] –  The Multiple Benefits of Water Conservation and Efficiency for< California by Heather Cooley

[07/14] –  Why Has the Response to the California Drought Been so Weak? by Peter Gleick

[07/14] –  Over Twenty-Five Years Later, How Does the Drought in California Compare? by Amanda Pebler, Communications Intern

[06/14] –  A Tale of Two Farms: How Water Efficiency Could Help Drought-Proof California Farms by Heather Cooley, Pacific Institute, and Claire O’Connor, NRDC

[06/14] –  Urban Water Conservation and Efficiency: Enormous Potential, Close to Home by Matthew Heberger, Pacific Institute, and Ed Osan, NRDC

[06/14] –  Solving California’s Water Problems by Peter Gleick

[03/14] – With Water, California’s Bigfoot is Imported by Julian Fulton

[03/14] –  Clarifying the Discussion about California Drought and Climate Change by Peter Gleick<

[02/14] – Rural Water Systems Struggle in the Good Times and the Bad by Joe Ferrell, Communications Intern

[02/14] – Finding Light (and Water) at the End of the (Drought) Tunnel, on the Farm and for the Future by Anna Bee Szendrenyi

[02/14] – Learning from the Drought: Five Priorities for California by Peter Gleick

[02/14] –  The Costs of California’s Bellwether Drought: What Can We Expect? by Peter Gleick

[02/14] California’s “Bellwether” Drought by Peter Gleick

[01/14] –  Infographic: What WeCan Expect from the Droughtby Paula Luu

[01/14] – What Californians Can Expect from the Drought by Peter Gleick

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[06/14] –  California Can Expand Its Water Supply and Reduce Demand<
[07/14] –  [07/14] Busting Water Conservation Myths<

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